LIBAS is created to give exposure to sellers in the MENA region in order to showcase their luxurious wardrobe, while facilitating the access for buyers to own designer, unique and high-end items at affordable prices.
LIBAS is the exciting online shopping platform for pre-owned fashion items in the Middle East. It allows you to tailor specifically what you need and LIBAS delivers it to you whether you are a seller or a buyer. It is a space where luxury, creativity and connection are welcome: Our fashionable and stylish users on both ends can easily buy and sell unique pieces.


LIBAS is the hub in the MENA region that aims to empower its users to create their luxury and fashion businesses and make an income out of it.
The goal of LIBAS is to become the number one leader in luxurious and fashionable pre-owned shopping in the Middle East.


We are always looking for talente driven people o join our team,
make sure to check our openings, we are always adding new positions!