Authenticating the Birkin

By Marissa Raad

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Probably the most recognizable bag in history. The Hermès Birkin Bag is the epitome of high fashion and luxury. Coming in an array of stunning premium leathers and colors, this iconic bag has become a timeless staple among the world's fashion elite.
Since its 1984 debut, The Birkin’s exclusivity has grown to cult-like status, with legendary waiting lists and the possibility to customize your own dream wish list of exotic leathers, shades and precious metal hardware. Bridging fashion, eternal style and sustainability, one thing is for sure, The Hèrmes Birkin is the investment that lasts a lifetime.

With such high demand and allure the Birkin is highly counterfeited, it is getting harder and harder for the consumer to ensure that they are getting the quality promised by Hèrmes. That’s where Libas comes in, we professionally authenticate pre-loved bags so that you too can own a genuine piece of fashion history.

Thinking of purchasing a pre-loved Birkin ?
Use these step by step methods to ensure that you are investing an authentic piece.

1.The General Look Method
One of the amazing things about the Birkin is how well it holds its shape over time. Its expert craftsmanship and choices of premium leather ensure perfect structure and form. When placed on a flat surface the Birkin commands attention, standing perfectly symmetrical without any bulges or slouching. Likewise, the handles do not fold over or bend. Hèrmes artisans ensure that each Birkin’s measurements are the same with handles measuring 12.5 cm from the top of the bag to the top of the handle.
By measuring the base of the The Birkin you can know if it is authentic or not.
The Birkin 25 for example measures exactly 25 cm across its base, The Birkin 30 measures 30 cm across its base and so on.

2. Stitching
The stitching on an Hèrmes bag is unique. Where most handbags are now machine stitched, Hèrmes artisans still hand sew each and every bag they create using the saddle stitch. The saddle stitch is created very precisely using one thread and 2 needles, when done correctly the stitch is impossible to unravel.
The Hèrmes saddle stitch takes years to perfect and is one of the reasons that Hèrmes bags are so coveted. You can guarantee that all the stitching on your Birkin will be perfectly executed, neat and tightly finished.
Observe the stitches and threads on your bag, if you notice uneven, lopsided or loose stitching it could be an indication of a counterfeit.

3. Hardware
The Birkin is not only known for its grandeur but also its hefty price tag with the most expensive Birkins fetching over $260,000.
One of the appeals of The Birkin is the use of precious metals in its hardware. Gold plating, palladium and rarely rose or white gold add to the bags appearance and value. The use of these metals ensure that the hardware on Birkin will not easily tarnish and last the test of time. If you notice deep scratches or peeling on your Birkin it is likely inauthentic.

4. The Hèrmes Signature stamp
Hèrmes Birkin bags feature a signature stamp that reads ‘Hèrmes Paris Made In France’.This stamp is usually in colors matching the hardware of the bag and sits just under the stitching of the front panel. You can tell a real stamp from a fake stamp by observing its alignment. It should be perfectly centered on the bag, with fine straight lettering. The leather finishing of a Birkin should not affect the quality of the stamp.
Look out for lopsided or crooked stamping and uneven font, these are signs that it is not a real Birkin.

5. The Blind Stamp
The Blind stamp is another great way of checking the authenticity of your Birkin. Featured on the inside strap or inner panel of your bag it consists of numbers, letters, and possibly shapes. These heat embossed symbols indicate the year the bag was manufactured, the craftsman who created it and the atelier it was made in.
It is said that if a Birkin is sent for repair or refurbishing it will be given to the craftsman who first created it.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above The Birkin is highly forged and sold to unsuspecting consumers. One thing counterfeiters cannot do is replicate the time, skill and perfect workmanship of an authentic Hèrmes Birkin bag.

Still unsure of whether your Birkin is authentic? Our skilled Libas team can authenticate your bag for you.

In just a few steps you can consign or re-sell your pre-loved Birkin with Libas.
Interested in purchasing a pre-loved Birkin, visit our Hèrmes page for guaranteed authentic Hèrmes leather goods.